A letter to 8th grade Sam

Dear Sam,

I hope that you have a good year next year, don’t mess-up. Always do your homework before sports. Try hard to not procrastinate. Be a good leader. Be a Role model for the younger kids, because they REALLY look up to you. All and all just be careful with  what you do and how you act because you are actually are watched very well.


Online Dangers, and Advantages

The internet can be dangerous, people can make money living on the internet!

You might wonder why is this so bad? Well this can lead to dangers like being so sucked inside that the outside world is forgotten except for turning on the computer and playing, or “working” online. The reason for this is because is when you start to forget about the outside world everything that is real seems  like it can wait, but things that are problems is people becoming over-weight and not eating or drinking, your body needs water.


The benefits 

The benefits of this is not having to go anywhere with long commutes and driving, although getting exercise and moving help maintain a healthy body. But also some people have no choice, or feel uncomfortable in public or around friends. People who have served in the army or lost a leg or both in other activities. To me I feel bad for these people but at the same time they could exercise a little.


The ending

Me myself being a gamer doesn’t necessarily me i’m going to loose my real life

400 words


Last year I went to the beach and I had fun there. After that I went to my house and took a shower, I soon went over to my friend’s house after that. We played with air soft guns, that was fun. The next day I went downstairs from my bedroom and played on my Xbox 360, it was very enjoyable. I thought that school was still in session but it wasn’t, fail. Summer got out a couple of days ago and the school routine still felt normal. Anyway I was done playing video games and I began to belive that 2012 was real, looking back I think that I was one of those nut jobs thinking that the sky was going to fall or something dumb. Back top the subject I was done playing video games. Then I decided I wanted to go outside and play, so i did. Outside I played basketball with my neighbor, that was fun. When I was done I thought I should go back in and play with my ipod touch first gen. Then when I was done I went back outside and played basketball, I rode my bike and had fun. my bike is a three series alpha moutain bike. I really like it. I like riding at half pipe, and the wilder ranch trail. This is about 400 hundred words, Yeah!

When me and my friends did the beach field trip I had fun.




  • The Basics of Minecraft
  • Blocks
  • All the blocks in Minecraft are just cubes, perfectly square and even.
  • Block properties 
  • Not all blocks stay in place. Some blocks will fall if nothing is underneath them such as gravel and sand but some will stay like dirt, stone, and sandstone.
  • When blocks are destroyed they become blocks that hover above ground until you collect them, then they collect in your inventory.
  • Controls
  • Controls in Minecraft are very simple right-click, put a block down, left click, destroy a block, w, move up s opposite, a, left and d opposite
  • Multiplayer and singleplayer 
  • Multiplayer
  • In the game you don’t have to play alone. You can play on severs such as Legendary Craft. Each sever has a ip address like for Legendary Craft their ip is pvp.mc-lc.com:25565 
  • Anyone can make a sever with a little help from tutorials or if you done it before, no help required.
  • Single Player
  • Single player requires no help at all just go to single player for the menu, create a new world and done.
  • Mods 
  • In the menu if you notice a button that says Mods if you clicked that you could open a file and get your mod or modification. Mods allow you to do things you wouldn’t normally be able to do
  • To many items is a mod in which you can get any item invented and create mods
  • All in all Minecraft is the greatest game in my opinion
  • go to these links to view some awesome photo dots 1 and 2

Here is a link to my teachers blog